Imagining the reader...

Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Hopefully soon there'll be more than one writer and one reader, until then I'm going imagine that you, the reader, are a bit like me 10 years ago, living in a city, working, visiting family, thinking this would be how I'd spend my days til my days were spent.

It's 2021, I live in the country and, at least for the time being, work from home. It's an idyllic life (forget the mouse plague) which revolves around reading, writing, cooking and gardening. There are people too, more about them later!'

As I read about the increasing numbers of city people moving to the country or at least thinking about it, I hope these letters will give you an idea of country life. I hope others will join the blog, write about their experience of living in the country, too. And send photos because photos say so much more than words!

Until next time.

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